Our Mission & Motivation

Knowledge about magnesium deficiency can literally make the difference between a debilitating disease in your family, versus a fulfilling and pain-free life. Our goal is to provide an empowering resource for you to learn about your body’s most important nutrient: magnesium.

Hi I’m Matt. I created MagnesiumHealth.org. I’m healthy, and a big kid at heart. I love to play soccer, spend time in nature, embrace creativity, and satisfy scientific curiosity. Paired with the fact that mom raised me to be soft-hearted, it makes sense that I made a resource to help you solve your health problems without using drugs, while helping you learn about your body.

For years I’ve been building an understanding about our body from the great scientists that have devoted their lives to this very task. One fact they all agree on: our body’s systems lose function and deteriorate without minerals. This led me to the mineral we need for more vital systems than any other: magnesium, and how magnesium deficiency and the other resulting mineral imbalances are involved in most health problems, because of three reasons:

  1. We need magnesium to make energy from food. This vital process affects every body part.
  2. We need magnesium for our daily physical maintenance, due to its role in protein synthesis.
  3. We can no longer get enough magnesium from diet because of agricultural depletion and rising levels of magnesium-draining environmental stress.

More Than A Deficiency: An EPIDEMIC

As I began to grasp the interconnected nature of our body’s functions, it hit me. If we need magnesium for more of these interconnected vital functions than any other nutrient, what happens when we keep getting less than the daily minimum everyday? How can it not cause a cascade of interconnected damage? Well, our current situation tells all: magnesium availability from food is at all-time lows, and the diseases of magnesium-dependent bodily systems are at all-time highs.

Now it was clear: magnesium deficiency that is unresolved has no choice but to develop into debilitating disease. When I learned that all stress directly drains our magnesium, because of our adrenal glands’ magnesium dependency, I realized we are in the biggest epidemic in our history:

The widespread deficiency of magnesium: the nutrient that all muscles, organs, nerves, tissues and genes deteriorate without.

The Birth of MgHealth

So I started a website called MgHealth as a resource to help you learn how to lead a magnesium-rich life. As I conducted more research, I also learned that many of the magnesium supplements available are not as effective, largely synthetic, or sometimes even industrial grade magnesium passed off as clean & safe by large companies! This led me to find a powerful team of experienced health professionals to start providing a few all natural magnesium supplements that were of the purest and most effective grades available. We called our line of supplements iMag, because magnesium is ingrained in every one (i) of us. At this point, we changed the name of this website to iMag Library.  You can find our products at iMagnesium.com.

Now we are striving to help resolve the epidemic of magnesium deficiency from all angles.

While we aspire to help everyone, I sometimes wonder whether we will succeed. It’s hard when the message is a daunting truth because our nature is to avoid problems rather than face them.

What’s worse is that for our most important generation – our youth – magnesium supplementation is a preventative measure. Yet the nature of our short-term-reward-syndrome society suggests that our youth will wait until magnesium deficiency plagues them with disease before they take it seriously. (We have an idea on how to tackle this by leveraging passions… hopefully it works.)

But there’s one other major obstacle: a financially driven industry that has penetrated our educational health system. Think about this:

David vs. Goliath

Medical doctors are the people whose job it is to know and heal our bodies. Yet their education does not teach them about the mineral the body needs to convert food into energy for LIFE. That’s similar to a mechanic not learning about gasoline. What’s going on?

The last 50 years has seen the health establishment prescribe more magnesium-draining drugs, than magnesium itself! They are increasing magnesium deficiency! All the while they pump our foods with calcium and iron filings which leads to calcified and oxidized organs and weak bones (because magnesium keeps calcium in our bones, and prevents the toxic buildup of iron and calcium in our organs).

Many of us now realize the pharmaceutical industry’s influence on our health organizations. At the end of the day: money is power. This is why we must work together and spread the word about mineral deficiencies, and how resolving them should be the first solution before more dangerous pharmaceutical approaches are taken.

Let us help empower you with understanding your body and its nutrients instead of man-made drugs, and help change the course of at least one loved one’s life.

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