Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms

Symptoms occur in every body part and age group. If magnesium is not restored, symptoms gradually grow into debilitating disease. Find your symptoms below and see how magnesium deficiency is involved. Use the search function by holding “Ctrl” + “f” on your keyboard.

1. Energy:  The body needs magnesium to make energy from food. Less magnesium means less energy for every body part to stay healthy.

2. Function:  We also need magnesium for the specific function of each organ & system. This draws two conclusions about deficiency:

1.Diverse symptoms: Magnesium deficiency symptoms can appear in ANY body part, often based on which body parts our lifestyle taxes and damages the most.

2. Development of disease: Symptoms start as mild discomforts. However if our magnesium-dependent organs continue to operate with inadequate magnesium long-term, they can eventually incur substantial damage which manifests as debilitating disease.

1. Mild symptoms

2. Moderate symptoms

3. Advanced symptoms

4. Debilitating symptoms

There are close to 100 symptoms of magnesium deficiency. See if you have any of them.

Magnesium BEGINNER’S GUIDE: The 4 magnesium facts you need to know.


  1. Depression and mental function
  2. Heart disease
  3. Muscular performance
  4. Weight loss & energy
  5. Sleep
  6. Digestion
  7. Skin 


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