Nature’s Gift: Magnesium Chloride

See why this naturally occurring form of magnesium is the an effective form to replenish overall magnesium levels in the body and help restor healthy magnesium levels.

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We take a look at the special molecular properties of naturally occurring magnesium chloride which make it a suitable base for a magnesium restoration protocol. We look at:

  1. The molecular advantage of the small magnesium chloride molecule.
  2. Its superior bioavailability due to its perfect stability constant.
  3. A look at the Earth’s natural sources of magnesium chloride.

Magnesium chloride is the most researched and widely used form of magnesium for better health, and it makes a good base for magnesium restoration. Click here to see how magnesium chloride compares to other molecular forms of magnesium supplements.

1. The Molecular Advantage of Magnesium Chloride

Nature of atoms & electrons

Atoms have electrons that surround them in what are called orbitals.  Atoms have a natural tendency to want a full outer-most orbital of electrons. (The maximum capacity for an outer orbital is 8 electrons.)

The atoms that have more than 4 outer electrons take electrons from other atoms to fill their outer orbital. The atoms that have less than 4 outer electrons give their outer electrons away so as to lose their entire outer shell and move down to the next full shell.    

That’s exactly what happens between magnesium and two chloride atoms to form magnesium chloride:

Magnesium has 2 electrons in its outer shell, so it’s easier for it to give away 2 electrons and move down to a full outer orbital, instead of gathering 6 more to fill its current outer orbital.

Chlorine on the other hand has 7 outer electrons so it’s easier for it to accept one than to give 7 away. Thus, magnesium gives both of its outer electrons away: one to each of two chlorine atoms. The result:

Magnesium chloride is formed: One magnesium ion and two chlorine ions, all with a full outer orbital of 8 electrons. 

We need the magnesium ion

We need magnesium for all the major bodily systems essential to human life. To be specific, it’s the ionic form of magnesium we need. This is why magnesium chloride is superior: because it provides us with the positively charged magnesium ion. What is an ion? First we need to look at how atomic charge works. Its simple:

An atom’s electrons are negatively charged and its protons are positive. Now, because the strength of their opposing charges is the same, any atom that has as many protons as electrons, is neutral. 

When a neutral atom gains an electron it becomes negatively charged and when it loses an electron, it becomes positively charged. As soon as an atom gains a positive or negative charge, it becomes an ion.

In other words, any electrically charged atom is an ion. Because life is electric, ions are critical to human life, because they carry electric charge. 

The ionic bond of magnesium chloride

When magnesium chloride is formed, we get one magnesium ion and two chloride ions. 

The neat thing about this ionic bond is that not only does it give us two different ions that are essential to human life, but these ions are not actually attached. Rather, they are loosely hovering around each other in their new, charged forms.

Understanding this loose bond is critical for us to see how perfect naturally occurring magnesium chloride is for our health.

Why? Because remember: When our body uses magnesium for all the 3751 different processes in our body, it’s the magnesium ion that it uses for these processes.

2. Superior bioavailability

The perfect stability constant

The measure of how easily a molecule in a solution breaks into its individual parts is called the stability constant. The easier it is for our body to break down a magnesium supplement to get the magnesium ion, the lower that molecule’s stability constant is, and the better its bio-availability.

The lowest/best possible stability constant that a molecule can have is zero, meaning the molecule breaks apart on its own. Magnesium chloride has a stability constant of zero!

When we compare it to the stability constants of other magnesium complexes, we see that magnesium chloride is clearly the most bio-available. Is it a coincidence that the magnesium molecule we get from nature is the one that is the easiest for our body to use?

This shows that compared to other magnesium supplements, only magnesium chloride has a zero stability constant. This means the magnesium ion is extracted from the chloride ions with zero work or energy required.

3. Natural Sources:

Health professionals agree that to achieve optimal health we need to embrace nature and limit the synthetic influence in our lives. This includes our environments, diet, and supplements where appropriate. Due to the natural attraction between magnesium and chloride atoms, magnesium-chloride is our planet’s most naturally occurring form of magnesium.

This is why most magnesium chloride supplements come from one of three natural sources:

  • The Dead Sea (Isreal)
  • The Slave Lake (United States)
  • The Ancient Underground Zechstein mineral formation (The Netherlands)

The Dead Sea and Slave Lake are both open bodies of water exposed to pollution and heavy metals. The Zechstein source is currently the only known source of natural magnesium free of synthetic pollutants because it is situated in an underground mineral formation from the late Permian age.

There has been some controversy regarding various larger and smaller supplement companies falsely claiming to provide magnesium from the Zechstein source.

One company in Canada (iMag) has provided video evidence of the Zechstein magnesium mine on their website. You can learn more about their product and relationship with the Zechstein source here.

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