Magnesium for Detoxification & Stress Relief

Do you have a stressful lifestyle? Do you often feel tired or even jittery?

Learn how our body’s detox and stress response organs (liver, kidneys, adrenals) cannot work without magnesium and how inflammation from chronic stress is relieved by magnesium.

Are you frequently affected by stress?

  • Are you easily agitated and quick to get angry?
  • Is it hard for you to recover from stressful events?
  • Do you feel fatigued or on edge throughout the day?
  • Do you often have cravings for salty foods?

If you feel any of these regularly, you may be experiencing adrenal fatigue and an undernourishment of your stress-response system. It is likely that replenishing your magnesium – along with a few simple behavioral modifications – can help your situation.

Why Our Magnesium Levels Are Now Dropping:

Figure 1 is a general representation of the trends of the three primary factors that affect the magnesium levels in our body everyday. The fourth line represents our ability to make our own magnesium, which will always stay at zero.

  1. Total environmental stress that drains our magnesium
  2. Magnesium in our soil and healthy foods
  3. Our intestine’s ability to absorb magnesium from food and pills

Our adrenals (stress glands) are magnesium-dependent. Stress depletes magnesium, and inflames our intestine, hindering absorption of dietary magnesium. (Even a healthy gut only absorbs 30-40% of a food’s magnesium.)

A magnesium deficiency graph that shows how our magnesium intake has declined since 1950, while our sources of magnesium depletion have increased. The depletion of our soils and the increasing environmental stress show us that we can no longer get enough magnesium without supplementation.

These increasing levels of environmental stress deplete so much of our magnesium – in addition to all our other vital functions – that it makes it near impossible to get enough magnesium without supplementation.

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